CVS Films was founded in 2006 by Chaand Chazelle, who is a writer, producer and a director. She very occasionally dabbles in acting too. She appeared in films – ‘Jinnah’ alongside Christopher Lee and Shashi Kapoor and in ‘A business affair’ with stars like: Jonathan Price, Christopher Walken, Carol Bouquet (bond girl). She also featured in Television series: Grange Hill, Casualty, London’s Burning, The Bill, Blue birds, Family Pride (26 episodes), Canterbury tales (Channel-4).

CVS Films aim to produce films which are relevant to our lives today, as we live in a diverse community, films should be able to reflect that reality.  I’m interested in working on the stories which depict our society’s real problems and dilemmas they face today.

Rather than producing 1000 versions of - Romeo & Juliet or another series of Downtown Abbey or a 100th production of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ (everybody knows who is the murderer! What’s the point!).

40 % of the doctors serving within the NHS are of Indian origin, that is not reflected on our TV screens.

Princess Sofia Dalip Singh supported and stood side by side with Emily Pankhurst in her crusade to fight for women to have voting rights.  Sofia was harassed by the police long with other women. But in the film ‘Suffragette’ she is completely invisible.  (History is written or majority of films are still made by White men!).

Now that the technology, the digital age, has democratised the process of film making (although still beyond the reach of ordinary young or old aspiring film maker…) That’s how I could produce and make my first feature by selling my house – THROW OF A DICE. But still distribution is those few powerful hands. My film is yet to be distributed!